Health and Safety


BB Contracts operates a Health and Safety Management System which has been externally accredited by four separate organisations. This demonstrates our commitment to implement, maintain and improve the way in which we manage Health and Safety within the company. Having such a Management System enables us to be more confident about meeting the requirements of Health and Safety legislation. The setting of targets through the Health and Safety policy, together with the ongoing measurement against criteria set out in said policy, ensures a process of continual improvement.

Every effort is made by both management and employees to keep staff, contractors, clients and other interested parties informed of health, safety & environmental issues pertinent to our operations and future plans. Regular management meetings are held to review and facilitate feedback, ideas and issues which are brought to the table following site meetings where staff can raise topics / issues / ideas for the management to discuss. As well as the upflow of information for discussion this also works for the dissemination of information back to the teams and operatives on sites. BB Contracts also utilises a web based intranet management system which covers all aspects of the business including health and safety where more detailed procedures and processes are located with relevant documentation and guidance which is accessible to all staff and operatives over the internet.

We pride ourselves upon the outstanding health and safety practice demonstrated throughout the company and how we continue to invest in improving this expertise as we move forward. We conduct our business in a way that protects the safety, health and well-being of all subcontractors, employees and any person affected by our activities. We make sure that all of our employees are trained for the tasks they are required to complete, whether that training be internal or external, you can be reassured that our staff have the best knowledge and training available to them.