The Hari Hotel, Knightsbridge

Bedroom Refurbishment

Value: 1.05M

Programme: 16 Weeks

Having worked for the hotel in the past, we were their first port of call when they decided to undertake a bedroom refurbishment project.

The Hari is one of London’s foremost five-star hotels. Undertaking any hotel bedroom refurbishment has its difficulties, but managing one in a tight central London location whilst maintaining uninterrupted operation of the hotel makes it that much harder. We undertook the refurbishment on a phased basis – floor by floor - to minimise disruption.

Corridor area refurbishment was also part of the scope. Our team worked in integrally with the hotel management team to ensure the perception that “the builders were in” was absolutely minimised. We also worked with the design team helping to hone the design proposals to marry budget constraints.

In all 85, rooms were refurbished across 10 floors in a very swift 16 weeks. A great outcome for all involved.