Iron Mountain ‘Auto Store’

Value: 785K

Our initial brief, which came from the client’s Construction Manager – Lysander, was to lead the work package for the Office and Service Mezzanine as part of the overall project, along with interior fit-out of the space that it created. As the scheme progressed additional elements, including the design and installation of various structural steelwork requirements, were added to our scope.

Working collaboratively with other work package specialists (in particular the MEPH contractor Walsh), and under the effective guidance of Lysander, we resolved numerous challenges to collectively deliver the UK’s first low-oxygen automated storage unit for Iron Mountain.

The project was executed in phases during the spring and summer, receiving positive feedback from Iron Mountain's own clients. The newly created space serves as a platform for discussing and observing the storage process in action.

Key features of the project include a customised lift and wrap-around staircase, an acoustic glazed folding wall, and, notably, switchable glass screens that unveil the industrious robots from the boardroom.